Grin and Bare It at Frilly Lilly Wax Studio

No more stubble trouble

frilly lilly!

Few things truly terrify us. The thought of Nashville not getting renewed is one. A sadistic-eyed aesthetician coming at our crotch with dripping hot wax, another.

Thankfully, we’ve discovered Frilly Lilly, the new waxing haven from Canada’s reigning follicular guru, Debra Van Dyke (no relation to Dick; we checked). Van Dyke’s first U.S. outpost, the dainty, dollhouse space (shabby-chic furnishings, pale pink accents) services head-to-toe waxing, including four bikini styles — Brazilian (nada), Hawaiian (mini), Canadian (mezzo), and Alaskan (just a trim).

To effectively remove hair without excess pain or irritation, the experienced team uses a special hard wax that doesn’t stick to skin and treats the area with soothing store-made products.

Sure, there’s still a little sting. But you’ll be able to keep a stiff upper lip.

Which, frankly, could also benefit from the studio’s services.

Frilly Lilly, 1007 Montana Avenue, at Tenth Street, Santa Monica (310-260-5522 or frillylilly.ca). Waxing services start at $10.

Photo: Courtesy of Frilly Lilly

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1007 Montana Ave
@ 10th St
Santa Monica, CA 90402