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Summerland Produce Co. Delivers

Lettuce now praise veggies

summerland produce co.!

Tired of artichoke-ing down flavorless store-bought vegetables? Find frozen fruit utterly fig-ettable?

For organic, fresh-off-the-farm produce delivered to your doorstep, Summerland Produce Co. can’t be beet. (Okay, we’re done.)

Log on to the company website and choose the box that best matches your desired vegetable/fruit ratio (75/25, 50/50, fruit only), portion need (jumbo for broods, standard for parties of two or one), and schedule (monthly, biweekly, weekly).

Contents are seasonal but vary weekly to keep things interesting (peacotum, anyone?).

For those clumsy in the kitchen, each box comes with cooking tips and easy-to-follow recipes.

So you can endive right in. (Had to.)

Available at summerlandproduceco.com, $29 and up.

Photo: Courtesy of Summerland Produce Co.