Q&A: Woman Behind the Blog

Chatting with Le Catch's Marlien Rentmeester

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We meet women doing inspiring things every day (spotlighting those “things” is our job, after all). But we often want to know more about the women themselves. As an excuse to get nosy, we developed a Q&A series we’re calling “Woman Behind the …”

Here, we chat with the Lucky West Coast editor and Le Catch founder about blogging, twin-tuition, and her plan B.

Name: Marlien Rentmeester

Neighborhood: Pacific Palisades. It’s one of the few places in L.A. that offers a genuine small-town vibe.

Job description: I have always enjoyed fashion, shopping, and writing; and my career as a fashion editor has kept me immersed in those things.

If you weren’t a blogger/editor, what would be your plan B?
I love interior design — and “dressing” a room. Plan C would be a world-traveling, wine-drinking, gourmet-food-eating bon vivant, though I hear that does not pay very well.

Finish this sentence, “In every woman’s closet there should be at least one …”
Pair of black stilettos. They flatter just about everyone’s legs and go with any outfit.

What is L.A.’s best-kept secret?
I just discovered a newly launched catering company called Bread and Water, founded by two gorgeous Venice-based sisters, one of whom was the former pastry chef at Gjelina. Their food is insanely delicious, healthy, and fresh.

What is L.A.’s most overrated attraction?
The month of June — too foggy along the coast for my taste.

What is your go-to restaurant for special occasions?
Nobu in Malibu. Even though it’s fifteen minutes from my house, I feel like I’m at an Aman resort in the tropics.

What’s it like to have an identical twin? Did you ever pretend to be each other growing up?
It is a special relationship like no other. In some ways, we lead parallel lives. My sister and I both work in fashion and love what we do, married guys people often mistake for brothers, ended up settling in L.A., have the same number of kids all born in the same years, etc. We have our differences, though: Whereas my gadget ineptitude makes it difficult for me to snap a good picture, my sister has become a successful fashion photographer.

As for tricks, we did attempt a few. It rarely worked since we both appear to have been born without the acting gene. Any ruse was always quickly thwarted by the would-be imposter’s giggling.

What’s been your most viewed Le Catch post thus far?
I think the post about winter coats was compelling, because it addressed a key component of everyone’s winter wardrobe and offered some good shopable alternatives for this season. Plus, my admission of borderline nutty coat-collecting behavior probably resonated with many readers.

What words of advice would you give a fledgling blogger?
Study the blogs you read/love and think about what attracts you to them. Your goal should be to write about a subject you are passionate about (so it doesn’t feel like work) and to offer a perspective that is different. Don’t worry about failing. Just get started and see where it takes you. If you can’t find the courage, maybe try it with a friend as a partner. No matter what you end up doing, you will learn a lot. It’s worth the effort — and you may surprise yourself.

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Photo: Courtesy of Jessie Webster