Nuna Is Gear That Looks Good

Baby stuff that's more subtle than colored plastic


In hipster enclaves from Williamsburg to Silver Lake, been-around-the-block-with-a-double-stroller parents knowingly chuckle when expectant friends declare their home a colored-plastic-free zone.

But thanks to Nuna, new parents are having the last laugh. The European baby gear collection is launching stateside and bringing with it a swing, high chair, and play cot so subtle you’ll hardly even notice they’re there.

Navy, gray, and brown call attention to the curves, shapes, and functionality of the pieces — and nothing else. The push of a parent and the weight of the child quietly power the motor-free Leaf swing. The Zaaz high chair’s adjustable-height mechanism puts baby at the table; its no-crevice design means less crumb cleanup. Babies rest easy in the Sena and Sena-Mini sleep cots. The simple open-and-close design makes them ideal for shared spaces.

On both coasts.

Preorder at nuna.eu, $159-$260. Delivery starts January 1.

Photo: Courtesy of Nuna