Urban Remedy Juices Launch

A cleanse to get you through the holidays

urban remedy juices!

Cookie parties. Winter ales. Peppermint swirls of red dye No. 40. No wonder visions of detox are dancing in your head.

San Rafael-based Urban Remedy founder and herbalist Neka Pasquale knows how to reboot your system.

Choose a restorative regimen — Signature (with beets for liver health and cashews for a mineral boost), Purify (carrots and ginger to aid in digestion), or Super Green (cucumbers and blue-green algae for healthy skin and immunity).

What’s more, stickier-to-ribs drinks such as PB&J, pineapple coconut, chocolate banana, and chai will keep you going past New Year’s.

What are you waiting for? There’s no time like the presents, sugarplum.

Available at urbanremedy.com, $7-$60. Enter code DC1212 for a 20 percent discount through December 31.

Photo: Courtesy of Urban Remedy