Wardrobe Intervention from Heiress Boston

In case of emergency, dial this stylist

heiress boston!

Fashion Emergency Plan

When facing an overstuffed schedule and a closet full of last-season also-rans, follow these steps to avert further sartorial danger.

1. Don’t break any glass — a Lohan-level tantrum never helps anyone.

2. Call Aishah AbdulBarr from Heiress to request a speedy in-house consult.

3. In measured tones, explain your most pressing apparel needs (splashes of color, flashier Friday-night outfits) and general fashion preferences (vintage, preppy, street).

4. Wait for the former boutique owner to arrive — same day even — with armfuls of pieces from midlevel designers like Flying Tomato, Naven, and RYU.

5. Play dress-up for an hour as AbdulBarr assembles old-with-new outfits and augments with jewelry, accessories, and slimming underpinnings.

6. Pay for your choices on the spot (items usually range from $30 to $200) while reaping the benefits of her complimentary styling services.

7. Crisis averted. You’re safe to leave the scene.

Heiress Boston (857-264-0403 or heiressboston.com).

Photo: Kirstin Sinclair / Getty Images