Pretty Smart: Grand Central Beauty's Peel-Off Mask

Embrace it like a second skin

grand central beauty!

Your nickname legacy goes like this: “Four Eyes.” “Freckles.” “Big Foot.”

The latest: “Two-Faced.”

That’s thanks to Grand Central Beauty’s peel-away mask. Co-founded by former Amore Pacific skin care guru Jackie Lee and formulated by award-winning chemist Ginger King, the S.M.A.R.T. (smoothing, moisturizing, antiaging, redness-reducing, toning) elixir delivers the softer lines, smaller pores, and hydrated epidermis you’d get from a spa treatment — from your own bathroom.

Concocting the potion is simple: Dump one fruit, botanical, and seaweed powder capsule into the provided container. Squeeze in a booster, add a cup of water, and mix to thicken (fear not — that goopy, lumpy texture is exactly what you’re going for). Finally, slather it on your face; you’ll feel instantly cooler — literally.

Fifteen minutes later, peel the dried mask off, and viola!

You can even keep the rubbery face mold as a memento (though we don’t recommend it).

Take that, haters.

Available at grandcentralbeauty.com, $75.

grand central beauty!

Photos: Courtesy of Grand Central Beauty