The Best of Boston 2013

What made our city even greater

best of boston 2013!

We’ve never been prouder to call this place home. Take a look back at the stores, services, and goods that further stoked our hometown pride.

Never wait for a man to send you flowers: Wild Folk Studio Flower Shares

Heaven as envisioned by home cooks and antique fiends: Farm & Fable

Where city folks discover their green thumbs: Niche

Prove our fine-dining bona fides to out-of-towners: Ribelle and Asta

Beauty multitasking your boss will sign off on: Manicube

One-stop picnic shopping: Bee’s Knees Supply Co.

best of boston 2013!

Like raiding the closet of your well-to-do, well-heeled cousin: Covet

Reason to cull your medicine cabinet: Follain

How to get your clam shack fix year round: Lobster Roll Kit from Luke’s Lobster

Put your costume jewelry to shame: Beatrice Kim Accessories

DIY brewing that doesn’t destroy your basement: Hopster’s Brew & Boards

Outsource your healthy cooking: PerfectBite and Asulia Foods

Photos: Courtesy of Wild Folk Studio; Emily Knudsen for DailyCandy