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Relax into a Silky Mug of Cocoa Santé

Warm, chocolaty sips for cold nights

cocoa santé!

When drinking her homophonic namesake, we like to think Coco Chanel went straight for the gourmet stuff — like Cocoa Santé, a new line of artisanal hot chocolate brewed in Concord.

Jen Keegan sought to re-create those wintertime cocoa mugs of yore. An environmental lawyer by training, she places a premium on ingredients, sourcing her organic cocoa pods from small cooperative farms in the Dominican Republic and South America.

Embrace the next few brutal months by working your way through four full-bodied flavors, from the chili-infused Azteca blend to the vanilla-flecked Parisien chocolat chaud. And silence those inner resolution critics already: Cocoa powder contains some of chocolate’s highest antioxidant levels (santé means “health” in French).

Your afternoon office pick-me-up just became a lot more decadent, too, thanks to single-serving to-go packets. Add hot water, give a quick whisk, and feel deadline stress melt away.

To paraphrase the great Chanel, a woman who doesn’t drink hot chocolate has no future.

Available at American Provisions, 613 East Broadway, South Boston (617-269-6100 or americanprovisions.com); and Dave’s Fresh Pasta, 81 Holland Street, Davis Square (617-623-0867 or davesfreshpasta.com); $8-$10. For more information, go to cocoa-sante.com.

Photos: Courtesy of Cocoa Santé; Sam Edwards / Getty Images

613 E Broadway
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