Tag, You're It

Anonymity has its place: adult entertainment shops, donation forms, Cops episodes.

Other times, you want to stamp your name in bold letters and hang it where everyone can see it.

Especially during the gift-giving season. It’s not like you stumbled on the perfect tee for your I-only-wear-humanely-picked-threads sister during your lunch hour. You spent three weekends digging through patchouli-scented stores to find it, narrowly escaping a wayward henna tattoo. You want credit.

Get it with Little Paper Company’s little gift tags. Each is practically a work of art, depicting such sweet sketches as winter mittens, falling snowflakes, and a swirly holiday ornament. They instantly transform a ho-hum wrap job into a “whose beauty is that one?” masterpiece. To top it off, the tags come looped with a string of rustic twine for easy tying.

So when the kisses get passed out, there won’t be any confusion.

Land one on this cheek, sister.

Available at Flat of the Hill, 60 Charles Street, between Mount Vernon and Chestnut Streets (617-619-9977 or littlepapercompany.com).