Sweet Tarts

Fashion is a big ol’ universe. The Big Bang that started it all? Eh, who knows …

Did purses just drop from the sky, furry boots sprout from the earth (only to be buried a few months later), and dangly earrings grow on trees? If asked where your jeans came from, you’d stare blankly without a clue and say, “er, Barneys?”

Skip the theories and check out Tart handbags. The one-of-a-kind purses are hand-sewn by Boston designer Teri Tower, using vintage fabrics in organic shapes and sizes. No two are exactly alike (just like us) and many have limited runs (actually, also like us). All have funky birch handles.

If you prefer to have a hand in the creation (you control freak), Tower will do custom orders. Simply send in your fabric and your new tote will arrive in two to three weeks.

Maybe those creationists aren’t so crazy after all.

Not that you needed them to tell you that fashion moves in mysterious ways.

Available at Turtle, 619 Tremont Street, between Dartmouth and West Canton Streets (617-266-2610 or shoptart.com).