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The Milkman Cometh

Face it: It’s a do-it-yourself world. We’ve got DIY supermarket counters. DIY airport check-ins. DIY teeth whitening. DIY bikini waxes (um, yeah).

So do we really need someone else to bring us milk?

Frankly, yes — when it’s icy, fresh, and unadulterated milk (as in no creepy growth hormones or antibiotics), dropped off at your door in gleaming glass bottles from Crescent Ridge Farm. The whole thing is just so Leave It to Beaver, it makes us want to iron something.

And it’s not just about milk. Craving mint-chip ice cream? The Dairy’s all over it. Cider and a coffee cake for Sunday brunch? They’re on it. Deliveries are weekly, require a minimum $7.50 order, and come with a separate $3 charge. So it’s as easy as deciding just how wholesome you want your week to be, and placing the order accordingly.

And yes, that part, you have to do it yourself.

Though, come to think of it, this one might be a good candidate for speed dial.

Crescent Ridge Dairy, 355 Bay Road, Sharon (800-660-2740 or crescentridge.com).