DailyCandy's Latest Pilgrimage

The word is out. DailyCandy is starting a new tradition along the Charles. We’re hitting the cobblestone, turning up the gas lanterns, and downing a steamy cup of chowdah. At long last, we’re coming to town. (Sorry for the delay. We got lost in the Big Dig.)

DailyCandy Boston launches Wednesday, December 1. Tell your friends. Old college roommates. Granny and gramps. Everyone who loves Boston as much as you (and we) do.

What to expect? Just what you’re used to with DailyCandy New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, and Everywhere: the latest scoop on fashion, food, and fun. Just all about Boston.

Need a quickie facial for just a few bucks? No problem. Want to get the rockstar coif of the moment? We know the no-attitude stylist. Searching for the perfect pair of gritty-cool Levis? Look no further. Poking around for hot tapas (and a shot of smuggled tequila) after midnight? We’ll chase down the spot.

DailyCandy’s got it all. So you can stay covered on what’s undercover.

Now that’s a new tradition worth celebrating.

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