Feeling Blue?

You know the drill: After serving time on the wait list, the call comes. The latest label to roll down the denim turnpike is finally in. So you pony up $180 and hit the streets, beaming.

A week later, everyone else has them, too.

Starting to get a little old, no? Instead of feeding the syndrome, head over to Gumshoe.

The Jamaica Plain jackpot stocks hundreds of pairs of men’s and women’s timeless vintage denim. There’s some real history on them there shelves. The shop’s ’70s vibe (beaded lamps, obscure disco) matches its stacks of far-out denim: patched-up Levis 505s and 501s in shades from turquoise to charcoal, lemon-yellow Lees (boot-cuts and bells), and Mavericks (“the swinger’s jean”) in everything from tie-dye to midnight blue. And, for those moments when only true irony will do, Wranglers.

On your way out, snag one of the well-worn, thick leather belts — you know, to further clinch your status in the sea of trendy low-rises.

Getting over the blues was never so easy.

Gumshoe Vintage, 40 South Street, Jamaica Plain (617-522-5066). Open weekends only.