Beauty, like fashion, is a language unto itself. One you often fear you don’t know how to speak.

At Skin Care Adventure, a tiny beauty boutique in Chinatown, this may literally be the case.

The facials here do not include English subtitles (no one speaks a lick), but the soothing crosses all language barriers. Start by picking — or rather pointing — to your preferred fix (on the menu: deep-pore cleansing, marine essential facials, micro-dermabrasion), tuck into the three-bed treatment room, and relax while the aesthetician unclogs pores, exfoliates with exotic-smelling scrubs, and hydrates with masks to seal in moisture.

The best part may be the unspoken extras, like ten-minute shoulder massages, scalp rubs, and free eyebrow shapings. And what a bargain. (Now that’s a language you definitely speak.) Most prices are under $50.

Just remember to respect the customs: Call ahead to schedule your appointment (the place is miniscule, so walk-ins are often turned away) and pay in cash.

Your gorgeous afterglow will need no translation.

Skin Care Adventure, 36 Essex Street, between Kneeland and Beach Streets (617-338-9222).