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Sweet Salvation

In the annals of chocolate history, there are three levels of quality: a) flavorless bars (best eaten only when starved or drunk); b) addictive bonbons (worthy of their own food group); and c) mind-blowers too good to reduce to words (worthy of their own religion).

Richart chocolates are in the third category — no question about it. They’re a candy the way Michelangelo was a scribbler and Gandhi was a nice guy. And starting tomorrow, Boston has a Richart boutique of its own.

So what’s the big deal? For starters, their beauty: Each mini masterpiece is splashed with bright patterns (from teensy flowers to microscopic mod) and filled with otherworldly ingredients (from apricot-lime coulis to sesame praline).

But the real reason to adore Richart is the Venezuelan criollo cocoa. Like fantastic wine, it hints at the flavors of the earth it grew in — cinnamon, vanilla, and banana. Add to that a texture that melts into silk, and you’ve got yourself an experience meant to be savored, if not worshipped. Can we get a hallelujah?

Amen. Who says Massachusetts doesn’t have values?

Richart, 100 Huntington Avenue, at Copley Place (617-262-4144 or richart-chocolates.com).