You don’t need a shrink to tell you: Learning to let go is scary.

Especially when you’re balanced on a piece of wire, hovering some 23 feet above the ground, desperately gripping onto a wooden bar. Many choice phrases run through your mind, but “Let go!” is definitely not one of them.

Hang on there, tremble toes. At The Trapeze School you can free-fall into nothing and land some fun while you’re at it. Started in New York four years ago, the school just opened a Boston chapter, offering two-hour indoor lessons on the art of trapeze acrobatics. Book a session, show up in appropriate garb (Spandex and sparkles not required), then take to the tightropes. Mind you, this is no circus-act freak show (however, classes are taught by former Cirque du Soleil members), but a course in the dynamics of flight and gravity. Frankly, the whole thing is just supercool.

Two hours of suspended bliss a bit too much? Sign up for trial “single swing” time most days from 4-6 p.m. No one-on-one instruction here, but you’ll still learn plenty flitting around on your own. So when sharpening pencils and pushing papers at work starts to drive you crazy, just think: You really could give it all up and join the circus.

The Trapeze School New York, Boston Chapter, 50 Walkers Brook Drive Reading, inside the Jordan’s Furniture complex (781-942-7800 or trapezeschool.com).