The DailyCandy 411

Thanks, Boston, for a great welcome.

We’ve loved your feedback and wanted to return the getting-to-know-you favor. We’ve gotten a few questions about how we pick our items and, specifically, whether people can pay to appear on DailyCandy. Here’s the deal.

Our items are selected by our editors. No one can pay to be featured on DailyCandy — that’s what advertising is for (and it’s always labeled as such). Selling ourselves (literally) would destroy the legitimacy, integrity, and fun of DailyCandy. Plus, we’d never earn your trust that way. So we’ll never make a dime off your meal at a restaurant nor a penny from the sale of the latest accessory we told you about.

That said, on occasion, we will send out “Dedicated” e-mails on behalf of sponsors. You’ll recognize them from the subject line: “DailyCandy Dedicated E-mail.” Yes, these are paid for.

And, no, we would never sell our subscriber list to anyone. Not for any amount of money.

We hope that you continue to enjoy your DailyCandy. We look forward to delivering it!

- The DailyCandy Team