Kiln Time

Nature loves all shapes and sizes. But she clearly plays favorites. Some physical forms are just so darn lovely that you can’t help but gape.

Michelangelo’s David. Greekboy Adonis. James Dean. Orlando Bloom. (Your Fantasy Here.)

Also worthy of pedestal status: Jill Rosenwald’s shapely pottery. (Boys to ceramics? Aw, just go with us here.) The creations are eye-candy for the cupboard: curvy vases, swirled serving dishes, rounded dipping bowls, corset-shaped lamps (such a turn-on), and swan pitchers in sprightly colored patterns. One look and you’ll swoon.

Lust like this keeps Rosenwald in constant demand — her pottery wheel spins year-round, whipping off fall and spring collections (with crush-appropriate names like lemon-drop, sno-cone, and kiss). For spring ‘05, she’s digging tropical, exotic, forbidden-fruit motifs.

All of which sounds dangerously tempting. Like something hot you want to grab right now.

Orlando’s pecs can wait.

Available at Bliss Home, 121 Newbury Street, between Clarendon and Dartmouth Streets (617-421-5544).