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Best of 2004: Power Puff Girl

As is our custom here at DailyCandy, the week between Christmas and New Year’s will be dedicated to the greatest hits of 2004. Since DailyCandy Boston is a little too new for greatest hits, we’re sharing some of the best of DailyCandy Everywhere.

Hey, don’t even think about calling us slackers. We’re wooooorking here. Have a great holiday, and thank you for being such smart, opinionated, and excellent readers.

Baking is a lot like making a film.

You spend years writing (and rewriting) your recipes, selecting the ingredients, and perfecting your technique until, at long last, you’re ready to share your masterpiece with the world.

And when you do, there are more than enough critics waiting to take a bite.

Well, critics, chew on this: Anna Jones (sculptor by training, baker by choice) is putting a new twist on a French puff-pastry tradition, the palmier. French for “palm leaf,” Anna’s golden-brown confections consist of hundreds of layers of flaky, crunchy bliss. They are made of mostly organic ingredients (like honey from her dad’s apiary) and come in flavors that sound more like exotic teas than your average pastry (lavender with chamomile and honey, jasmine green tea, sweet curry and molasses, and lemon tarragon).

We dare you — just try to keep your hands off them long enough to give an enthusiastic thumbs-up.

Available online at yummypuff.com.