Skating Streets

Every now and again it’s good to experience something outside your comfort zone. And your neighborhood.

Try Brooklyn’s Southside, by immersing yourself in the photographs and video of Vincent Cianni at the Griffin Museum of Photography. The exhibit, “We Skate Hardcore,” is the result of Cianni’s seven years of documenting young in-line skaters.

If that makes you nostalgic for those Rollerblades in the back of your closet, imagine them as a way of life. Your skates provided you the chance to find a date; theirs were used for survival. The video offers testimonies of how skating kept these kids trouble-free, and the photographs share their coming-of-age stories and determination to skate. The teens themselves provide a deeper narrative by writing directly on some of the pictures. One image of a skate ramp is surrounded by words expressing frustration with locals who made a habit of tearing down ramps.

Most likely, though, it’s Cianni’s ability to capture universal teenage behaviors — like an awkward stance — that will keep you engrossed.

And remind you that you’re not in such unfamiliar territory after all.

“We Skate Hardcore” runs through February 3 at the Griffin Museum of Photography, 67 Shore Road, at the Winchester Center (781-729-1158 or griffinmuseum.org).