Pop Rocks

When it comes to nights out, there’s not much that is unexpected.

Will you be hit on a by a sweaty guy in a baseball hat? Yes. Will you be booted from the bar at the ridiculously early hour of 1 a.m.? You betcha. Will you have cheesy piano-bar renditions of Top 40 tunes belted in your ear? Oh, please. Does J.Lo overaccessorize?

Well, it must be a full moon. Or just a blue moon. Either way, it’s not your typical evening when it’s Brit Pop night (a.k.a. The Pill) at Great Scott. What’s so out of the ordinary? First, the tracks — Kent, Doves, Galaxie 500, and other beats you won’t catch anywhere on Lansdowne Street. Second, the crowd: more hipsters than you can shake a skinny tie at (no backward baseball hats in sight). Third, the atmosphere: Forget about being chatted up by a beer-guzzling frat pledge. If anything, you’re ignored, so relax already — save the pick-up line defense strategy for when you’re at Avalon. Even the Chinatown location is offbeat. (When’s the last time you went there for something other than shumai?)

To make matters even more intriguing, closing time is not the time posted on the door. And the funky, cheap drinks are served up by a lovely bartender who also happens to work at a funeral parlor. Weird? Yup. Cool? Uh-huh.

Unexpected? Definitely.

Great Scott, 1222 Commonwealth Avenue, Allston (617-566-9014); Friday nights starting on February 4 (call ahead for exact dates).