Best of 2004: Body and Sole

As is our custom here at DailyCandy, the week between Christmas and New Year’s will be dedicated to the greatest hits of 2004. Since DailyCandy Boston is a little too new for greatest hits, we’re sharing some of the best of DailyCandy Everywhere, and look forward to seeing what you give us for 2005.

Hey, don’t even think about calling us slackers. We’re wooooorking here. Have a great holiday, and thank you for being such smart, opinionated, and excellent readers.

Fatigue? Insomnia? Sluggishness?

Welcome to the human condition: Your baseline energy level is only slightly above that of a two-toed sloth. You’ve downgraded your definition of a good night’s sleep to four hours. Self-medicating is practically a religion.

At this point, you’ll try anything. May we suggest a newly imported treatment from Japan? Stick Visage de Layla’s Healing Soul packs on the soles of your feet at bedtime, tuck yourself in, and let the magic take hold. The healing power of such fascinating-sounding Chinese herbal ingredients as houttuynia cordata, saururus chinensis, and agaricus blazei murill mushroom is absorbed through your feet (which are apparently made more permeable by the abundance of sweat glands, more effective for that whole reflexology thing). It’s said the stuff will raise energy levels, ease aches, detoxify, treat sleeplessness, and, in at least one case, increase regularity. (Hallelujah!) Something to do with your chi (of course), but beyond that our eyes glazed over trying to read the fine print. In any case, it’s all totally safe.

And it can’t be worse than the Ambien/caffeine rollercoaster you’re currently on.

Available online at visagedelayla.com.