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Best of 2004: Water Weight

As is our custom here at DailyCandy, the week between Christmas and New Year’s will be dedicated to the greatest hits of 2004. Since DailyCandy Boston is a little too new for greatest hits, we’re sharing some of the best of DailyCandy Everywhere, and look forward to seeing what you give us for 2005.

Hey, don’t even think about calling us slackers. We’re wooooorking here. Have a great holiday, and thank you for being such smart, opinionated, and excellent readers.

Until someone makes lifting weights as pleasurable as lifting spoonfuls of molten chocolate, we’re all going to have to make do.

Or try the latest diet trend: water that makes you lose weight.

Or claims to, anyway. Evamor “artesian water drink” is 100 times more alkaline than all the other bottled waters on the market. Apparently that translates into enhanced fat-burning power, maximized metabolic mettle, and a host of other health benefits. Pure bunk? Sheer hokum? Total crap? Maybe. But if you consider that you’re supposed to be drinking eight glasses of water a day, it’s really not much of a lifestyle change. The taste is no worse than Evian; in fact, one highly unscientific taste test revealed that Evamor is “kinda delicious.” Which lands it firmly in the nothing-to-lose-but-a-dress-size category. It also claims to be a perfect complement to a high-protein diet.

We can only imagine that it works just fine for washing down a hunk of Gouda and a nice filet mignon.

Available online at evamor.com.