Geek Revival

You rejected more than one in high school. Politely declined the prom invite, you did. The offer to write your term paper. The request to walk you home.

But the geek is back.

And he’s on his way to your house. Right now. And you will have him. You will do anything. Because your screen blinks at you. Your mouse — frozen. That’s right, your lifeblood, your pipeline to efficiency and success. Your computer whacked out. So you call Geek Housecalls, a brigade of highly trained and proud-to-be-a-nerd computer specialists. They’ll come to your house within 24 hours armed with disk drives, modems, and enough brainpower to make your knees buckle. These geeks have replaced their pocket protectors with macho memory chips, bifocals with keen cybervision.

Lost IP addresses, wayward Mac and Windows programs, and pesty viruses are child’s play for these fellows. For a $50 site visit fee and $88 per hour (charged in 15-minute increments of $22), they’ll have your computer humming in no time, and you, too. After all, there’s nothing sexier than a man who knows how to power your hard drive.

If only you’d known such things in high school.

Geek Housecalls (877-4PC-GEEK or geekhousecalls.com).