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Mondo Vino

Buying wine can be an all-Greek experience — as intimidating and mind-boggling as rush night at Kappa Kappa Gamma.

First there’s that litany of labels to decipher. Oh, and the borderline-absurd insider lingo (“This backward merlot has an awkward nose”). And the prices? High enough to send you screaming (and, sadly, sober) into the night.

Cower no more. The just-opened, sleekly designed, unpretentious wine shop Vinodivino has distilled the world’s selection down to around 200 truly excellent bottles. Amazingly, 70 percent of them are priced under twenty bucks. Better still, each comes with tasting notes in plainspeak, plus food pairing suggestions. (Even a lush has got to eat, right?)

And owner Raphael Keller-Go has an even more tipple-friendly agenda: Every Saturday afternoon you can stop by for a little pouring, sniffing, and swirling. On January 22, he’s spotlighting Pinot Noir; on the 29th, he’ll share his favorite blended reds.

Finally. A reason to quit whining and start wining.

Vinodivino, 899 Walnut Street, at Beacon Street, Newton (617-527-8466 or vinodivino.com).