Hair Guitar

You’ve always had a thing for rock stars. Ever since the days when you taped that Bon Jovi poster above your canopy bed and faithfully kissed it goodnight. Sigh.

Too bad the best your real-life man can do is air guitar in his undies and sing in the shower.

Well, he may not be a badass pop star, but snag him a mod haircut from Umi Salon, and he can still play the part. Stylist Liz Leary shapes ragged strands into her signature shaggy cut that band members (legitimate ones, that is) request right before album cover shoots.

What makes the cut so catchy? It doesn’t look like a haircut. Leary makes tresses seem like they were born to perform this way — slightly askew, but with a controlled rhythm.

Of course, creating such a laid-back-but-cool coif takes training. Leary spent two years perfecting her technique, so no two cuts are the same.

Just to make sure your man can be one hair cooler than all the others.

Umi Salon, 75 Newbury Street, Back Bay, between Berkeley and Clarendon Streets (617-247-0770 or umisite.com).