Arch Angel

Yoga. Acupuncture. Japanimation. Monotheism. Outsourcing.

Seems like the other half of the planet is always one-upping us. So it figures they’d have mastered the fine art of hair removal centuries ago. Case in point: eyebrow threading. It started out in Egypt thousands of years ago (as the rage for defuzzing men), and women in Asia and the Middle East have sworn by it ever since.

These days, Bostonians of either sex can give threading a whirl at Leeba Salon. Settle into its subterranean chamber piped with soothing tunes, and watch as your arches are sculpted to perfection with a mere cotton string. Aestheticians skillfully twirl the thread between their fingers, gliding it around your brows and pulling unwanted hairs out in expansive sweeps, inflicting as little pain as tweezing does (read: some, but nothing like waxing). The technique even works for the most breakout-prone skin types.

Now if only we could tackle outsourcing as easily.

Leeba Salon, 75 Summer Street, at Washington Street, Financial District (617-357-4747 or leebasalon.com).