Class Action

You score an A. Then another. Soon, you’re off to an Ivy League. You land a PhD. Before long, you’re president of the United States.

Hold up there, Macbeth. One step at a time.

Still, there’s no question that education can often make or break your lot in life. So how about giving some kids a leg up? Volunteer with Boston Partners in Education, Inc., a nonprofit that helps Boston Public School children boost their academic skills and self-confidence, and you’ll do just that — by tutoring them in reading or math, working as a classroom assistant, or simply reading stories to them. All at a critical time in kids’ lives.

Heck, you might even vicariously change the course of our country’s future.

And then, once your prodigy is president, you can get down to executing your own lofty ambitions.

Boston Partners in Education, Inc., 44 Farnsworth Street, at Congress Street, Financial District (617-451-6145 or bostonpartners.org).