Open Studio

Faster than a speeding wireless internet connection. Stronger than a no-chip, fifteen-minute manicure. Crazier than that cab driver you hailed at 2:34 a.m.

That’s what your urban mayhem of a life has turned into: faster, easier, cheaper, and all-around at-the-ready.

If only getting your hair done was equally accessible. Like on-your-shopping-route more accessible or nestled-between two-T-stops and within-a-quick-jaunt-to-food-and-drinks accessible. Or, most importantly, like get-the-top-stylists-in-the-city-at-discounted-rates accessible.

Well, the brilliant minds behind James Joseph Salon have created a spot that’s all of the above in their new little sister, James Joseph Studio. It has the quality and service of the original, minus any top-of-Newb pretense. Plus, more chairs means more appointments, so you don’t have to wait two months for your rock-star coif.

Because you wait for no man. As that crazy cabbie can willingly attest.

James Joseph Studio, 168 Newbury Street (617-266-6600).