Persona Grata

Maybe Christmastime should be renamed Christmartyr.

Because right about now, it seems like you’ll never get a minute to yourself. All you want is a quiet night alone, but the office holiday party calls. You tried to squeeze in a workout between gift shopping but got sidetracked by the cute new shop right next to your gym.

And, really, is that such a bad thing? Certainly not when it’s Persona, the teensy, charming offshoot of Kenmore Square’s jewelry boutique of the same name, now open in the lobby of the new Ritz-Carlton next to Sports Club/LA.

The shelves spill over with romantic gold and enamel bracelets by Alberian & Aulde next to intricate necklaces by Coomi. Must-hear CDs line the mini music bar. Snag an Elizabeth W. candle for Aunt Mirriam. Baby blankets by Kinder Cashmere for your newborn niece. Sleek cuff links for your Uncle McWallstreet.

Those diamond drop earrings by StefanBlake are absolutely perfect for, well, you.

Because martyrdom goes only so far.

Persona, Ritz-Carlton, 10 Avery Street (617-574-7172 or personastyle.com).