Oldies and Goodies

Anyone can try their hand at vintage.

Rocking mom’s ratty disco pants, though, does not a fashion look make.

But that hand-me-down tablecloth might be worth a second look. Just ask Samuel Mendoza, designer of JeTom clothing, who refashions table toppers — fancy laces, bright geometric patterns, and silks — into one-of-a-kind, wearable creations.

Mendoza’s latest is a couture collection of full-length dresses, cocktail frocks, and T-shirts. Yes, all made from fabrics that might otherwise have been tossed. He also does custom work, taking those forget-me-nots from your own stash and, after a consultation and fitting, editing them down to utterly original pieces tailored to you.

Which gives you a perfect excuse to toss out “What, this old thing?” and mean it.

To make an appointment, go to getjetom.com. Also available at Stil, 170 Newbury Street, Back Bay (617-527-7845 or stilinc.com).

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