Great Danes

It’s not like we needed more proof that Denmark is in the business of exporting hotness.

The nation responsible for bringing us Viggo Mortensen, Helena Christensen, and Hans Christian Andersen (hey, fairy tales are smokin’, okay?) has no need to show off.

But here they are — yet another sizzling set of Danes upon our shores — Lundgren & Windinge. The lovely pair of designers (Line and Katrine, respectfully) has been pumping out youthful, feminine pieces for seven seasons. And they’re only in their 20s.

Their blouses are bold and adventurous enough to stand on their own. And the fit is near perfect for that sexy, tailored bohemian look. So what if every piece makes you feel like dyeing your hair blond, grabbing a bike, and peddling on over to Copenhagen?

You’ll be on fire before you know it.

Available at Stil, 170 Newbury Street, Back Bay (617-859-7845); 199 Boylston Street, Chestnut Hill (617-527-7845 or stilinc.com).
To see styles, go to lundgren-windinge.com.

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800 Boylston St
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