Bust a Move

As traumatic life experiences go, they say moving is right up there with divorce.

Which is interesting, given that you’re contemplating a trial separation from all those unpacked belongings of yours.

If your lease is up next week and you still haven’t packed a single fork, give UsedCardboardBoxes.com a try. Just log on to their site and select the moving kit (from studio apartment to six-bedroom house) that matches your needs. One to two business days later, everything you need — boxes, tape, packing paper, even Sharpies — will arrive at your door.

All boxes are overruns or misprints that were headed for the cardboard graveyard — so no additional trees were cut down in the process. Feeling extra green? Make a donation at checkout that goes directly toward planting new trees.

Each box is thoroughly inspected to insure that it’ll make it through the move.

Let’s hope that when it’s all over, the same can be said of you.

Available online at usedcardboardboxes.com.