Prepped and Ready

You’ve been known to wear a look like it was going out of style. And then it did. And yet you still wore it.

In certain cases (leggings, skinny jeans), they’ve come back. In others (pink tulle, Goth), they haven’t. Good thing that through it all, you’ve maintained a modicum of prepster chic, with a hint of irony thrown in.

A trip to North River Outfitter will compel you to add to the jumble.

Stocked with enough authentic collegiate apparel to outfit the whole of the BU beach and the Square combined, NRO also carries classic lines like Vineyard Vines, Bills Khakis, and Elizabeth McKay. Flirty Molly B dresses in patchwork seersucker mingle with Smathers & Branson needlepoint belts in fun designs like skull and crossbones, frothy mugs of beer, and alternating cards and sharks. Oh, and there’s also a severely cheeky, chocolate brown leather Labrador footstool.

So if anyone tries to peg you as a preppy, just tell ’em out is the new in.

North River Outfitter, 120 Charles Street, Beacon Hill (617-742-0089).