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From the desk of DailyCandy

Dear Davis Square,

We’re thrilled with new neighborhood addition, Kick*ss Cupcakes. Bravo! This newcomer falls right in line with your punky yet liberal demeanor; edgy residents; and down-home, no-bones-about-it restaurant scene.

We’d like to thank owner Sara Ross who recognized an opportunity in the utter lack of dedicated cupcake shops in town. Her training with West Coast hotspots Campanile and Lucques, plus a few years at Dancing Deer Baking Co., have given her cakes spunk and, frankly, an addictability factor we can’t compare to anything around.

You’ll find it in her Lucky Cupcake, a lemony treat topped with white chocolate buttercream and candied ginger as well as the vegan Java Jolt, a mocha chocolate chip cupcake with a hit of espresso frosting.

We also appreciate Ross’s willingness to share with an all-over-town delivery service and to whip up three-tiered cupcake towers for special occasions.

We couldn’t have done it better ourselves.

Your Adoring Fans

Kick*ss Cupcakes, 378 Highland Avenue, Davis Square, Somerville (617-628-2877 or kickasscupcakes.com).