Go Deep

When it comes to getting a rubdown, you’re no dainty daisy. In pursuit of relaxation and stress relief, you’ve been pummeled, kneaded, and massaged more than a side of Kobe beef on Iron Chef.

And yet, the knots just won’t. go. away.

Time for a different tack, Oh Tenderized One. Deep tissue massage has nothing on Donna Galloway, veteran massage therapist, energy healer, and tarot reader-in-residence at Watertown’s new Tranquility Day Spa (formerly Living Well Day Spa). Book an hour with her and get ready for a custom stress-busting session that melds massage, Reiki, and the uber-soothing sounds of Tibetan singing bowls.

The best part? She’ll top it all off with a card reading so accurate you’ll swear she called your mother, boss, and dog before you came in. Head cleared and nerves unjangled, you stumble out into the spa wondering where you left your stressed-out self.

She’s still getting a pedicure. And kissing those nasty knots goodbye.

Tranquility Day Spa, 15 Spring Street, Watertown (617-924-1026 or watertownspa.com).

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15 Spring St
Watertown, MA 02472