Show Some Skinz

Last Saturday you rolled a fatty, gathered your pals in a circle, and played spin the bottle, during which you rounded third base with your nemesis’s husband.

Clearly, the wheels have fallen off.

Get back in the seat with Sweetskinz, the first line of bicycle tires to feature full-color, reflective graphics.

Whether you’ve got a mountain bike, cruiser, or road bike, there’s a Sweetskinz that fits. Rip it up with the red and yellow Hazarea. Play the hot rod with the fiery flames of Scorch. Strike it big with Rattleback, patterned after a slithery snake. Or roll stealthily into the streets with the black and blue camo of Nightwing.

Added bonus: Each pattern enhances nighttime visibility, thus increasing safety. Because while you’ve been known to flirt with danger, you’re all about taking precautions.

That’s just how you roll.

Available online at sweetskinz.com.