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Head Case

Three makes a trend.

But hat tricks are hard to pull off.

So start with Claudia Schulz’s cloches. Made in Vancouver by the German milliner, the sleek lids are inspired by the style of ’20s and ’30s flappers but have a modern feel to them.

The current collection is made entirely of wool felt, making the hats more structured than ordinary headpieces. Bright purple and electric blue hues are perfect when you need to stand out in a crowd. While black, gray, and brown toppers with bills allow you to fly under the radar.

Each one has ear flaps, so they’ll keep you warm on top of hiding bad roots or misbehaving tresses. But the playful details like contrast stitching, cheeky pompoms, buttons, and vintage buckles are what make them truly special.

Consider them a few of the tricks up Schulz’s sleeve.

Available online at claudiaschulz.com.