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Finding the right place for your man’s, uh, beauty regimen can pose something of a challenge. The last time you took him to your salon, the sweet product smell left him gagging for the nearest bar.

Instead point him to 379 Club, the first official barber spa in Massachusetts.

Tucked away in Allston, it’s a place where guys can get a good shave or relaxing massage, along with amenities like flat-screen TVs, free WiFi, and billiards. Owner Omar Omolade holds the highest style standards but still wants customers to be comfortable.

A membership is required, and various levels include niceties like monthly massages, free coffee, and hand and foot details.

All guaranteed to put the man back in manicure.

379 Club, 379 Cambridge Street, Allston (617-202-4330 or 379club.com).