Food & Drink

Prince of Tides

Deep in the ocean, two fish float beside a bed of coral.

Tommy Tuna: Yo, Sammy. Did you hear? My mercury level is sky high!

(Fin-on-fin high five.)

Sammy Salmon: Brah, you lucked out. I’ve been plucked for that killer new Japanese spot, Privus. It’s owned by the same guy who owns the Kells.

Tommy: You mean that Irish pub/post-grad spot? In Allston? Dude.

Sammy: Don’t knock it, plankton breath. The chefs from Ginza are doing the sushi, so there’s some serious makimono going down, along with a sake menu and some sick cocktails. And there are cooked dishes for anyone not into the raw thing.

Tommy: Ouch. That’s just cold-blooded.

Sammy: Whatever, man. The space has got some cool oceany themes, like wavy banquettes and a ship-shaped bar, so at least it’ll feel like home.

Tommy: I respect that, man. Taking one for the team.

Sammy: Glug.

Privus, 165 Brighton Avenue, Allston (617-787-7483).