Wilde Childe

The Boston fashion jungle: deafening roar or gaping yawn? Discuss.

With Feral Childe on our doorstep, we’re ready to roar.

Brooklyn-based designers Moriah Carlson and Alice Wu met as students at Wellesley College and have been ushering in playful and experimental silhouettes through their line for years. (Story behind the name? Survival in a big, bad city with an inspirational dose of Sherwood Forest.)

Their spring collection, 4D 4Ever, is an homage to their hero, geodesic dome inventor Buckminster Fuller, that takes architectural turns like layered fabrics and novel construction. The pleated tee dress fits like an accordion. The bump skirt uses tucks and slashes to create shape and volume.

Buttons are handmade, and every step of production — dyeing, screen printing, finishing — is done domestically.

That’s what we call ferocious.

Feral Childe trunk show, Friday, 5-8 p.m. and Saturday, 10 a.m.-6 p.m., at Turtle, 619 Tremont Street, South End (617-266-2610 or turtleboston.com).

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619a Tremont St
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