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Brewed Awakening

Caffeine is your middle name; guzzling is your multitaskin’ game. You’re the master of all things abuzz.

But when did you last stop to smell the tea leaves?

Take two hours on a Sunday afternoon to slip into the warmth of Timeless Teas. Mother and son Haleema and Afkham Salie, both certified by the Specialty Tea Institute of America, host seminars in their cozy tearoom educating up to eight sippers at a time.

They’ll explain leaf origins, production history, and health benefits in depth. Then they pour four or five teas from countries like India and Japan so you can try professional cupping, a tasting technique. The session then morphs into a social teatime, where Sri Lankan black tea, sweets, and finger foods are served with a smile.

Sometimes all you really need is a little tea-LC.

Timeless Teas, 85 Newbury Street, second floor, Back Bay (617-236-5772 or timelessteas.com).