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Your decorating techniques run the gamut: a hint of tradition and a fetish for funky, a spoonful of new peppered with a speck of old.

Throw in a dash of indecision, and the thought of garnishing your pad swings from delicious to daunting in a flash.

Call on Mat&Jewski, a stylish fix to your designing woes. The French home accessories company puts a twist on everything from dainty dishware to overstuffed pillows.

Beautify that self-assembled plate rack with vibrant, pop art-inspired plates upon which food will play second fiddle. The pillows capture the same humorous spirit, so you can fend off that look of starvation in the living room as well.

Hungry for more?

It’s about time you fed every decorating desire.

Available at Louis Boston, 234 Berkeley Street (617-262-6100 or louisboston.com). To see styles, go to matejewski.com.

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Louis Boston
234 Berkeley St
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