Cheap Date

Thanks, Uncle Sam. Now that we’re a penny shy of flat broke, mind if we grab a ten-spot? We’ve got a few cheap ways to help ease the pain.

Shake it off with electronica beats from Matters & Dunaway’s album Hightech. Or drown your sorrows with a Black Velvet (a potent mix of XXX Mackeson Stout and cava) at Green Street Grill.

Learn how to cut corners with a copy of How To. Then pay it forward with Karma classes at Karma Yoga Studio on Sunday nights; your $7 donation supports local animal rescue projects.

Seeing as you won’t be eating out for a while, pick up a pound of fresh lemon basil noodles at Dave’s Fresh Pasta. If you must grace a fancy resto, try Highland Kitchen’s $3 deviled eggs. An utterly addictive BerryLine yogurt might help, too.

If it’s all gone up in smoke, light a cigar with the folks at Leavitt and Peirce (1316 Massachusetts Avenue, Harvard Square; 617-547-0576). Struggling to face the music? Soothe your spirits with $8 rush tickets for the Boston Symphony Orchestra on the day of the performance.

Then book a $1 ride out of town on the BoltBus.

Before everyone else does.