Ruff Trade

Newsflash: Ruffles are in for spring.

Boston, MA — Ruffles are sweeping through fashion circles this season. No longer reserved for Little Bo Peep or tacky bridesmaid dresses, the frilly edge is featured on everything from frocks to couch covers — even Gisele was seen wearing a ruffled swimsuit while sunbathing in Back Bay.

Icelandic designer Steinunn Sigurd’s spring line proves our point. Sigurd has them traipsing down the front of a little black dress and lining the edges of a lightweight, dressy jacket. Even the flirty knit pieces and strapless dress get a touch of ruffled trim.

Inspired by her native landscape, Sigurd’s look mimics the undulating movements found in nature.

It’s pretty frilling stuff.

Available at Stil, Natick Collection, 1245 Worcester Road, Natick (508-651-7845); The Mall at Chestnut Hill, 199 Boylston Street, Chestnut Hill (617-527-7845 or stilinc.com). To see styles, go to steinunn.com.

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