Oy Vey

Daily shtik: Wake to the sound of Poochie noshing on new shoes. Schlep to work. Kvetch at office about ruined heels.

Whoever expects you to tolerate this meshugenah schedule has got some serious chutzpah.

Luckily, mitzvah is Renta-Yenta’s game. Founder Melissa Frank is the bubbe (and personal assistant) of your dreams. No project is too big, and, as long as your requests are kosher (i.e., ethical, legal, and moral), she and her crew of contractors can help.

Whether you need your temple’s office managed, a cake made in the spitting image of a colon (she’s had stranger requests), or someone to bring those shoes back to life, this yenta’s got you covered.

Get ready to kvell.

Renta-Yenta (781-235-2105 or renta-yenta.net).