Dream On

To sleep, perchance to dream.

Sure, but a decent snooze can be as elusive as Sasquatch.

Skip the Ambien-Armagnac cocktail and focus on Meg Birnbaum’s photography. The Somerville-based shutterbug creates otherworldly B&W images of everything and everyone, often shooting with a plastic camera to create atmospheric stills.

Birnbaum spent two summers touring New England’s county fair circuit for the series Corn Dogs and Blue Ribbons, snapping old-time rides, kitsch carny games, and 4H youth and their animals.

She also shoots on commission, be it a portrait or a candid (she has a way with the canine set), and does matted and framed prints for a small fee.

Making it that much easier to dream a little dream.

Available at Grand, 374 Somerville Avenue, Somerville (617-623-2429 or grandthestore.com). To see images, go to megbirnbaumphotography.com.

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374 Somerville Ave
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