Fancy Footwork

Your poor moves on the dance floor have you pulling way too many muscles and not nearly enough numbers.

Perfect your skill with one-on-one dance lessons from the gurus at Mojitos Lounge. You’ve been to the boite’s salsa nights (they’re legendary), but did you know you can turn up the heat with a private sesh?

Hit the lounge at 9 p.m. Thursday through Saturday to try a free hour-long class, then put in your request for a private with the instructor in his/her own studio. Go it alone or with a partner to master basic footwork and get the rhythm moving. We recommend trying out a few different dance masters to achieve maximum student-teacher chemistry.

After one or two lessons, you’ll have a whole new set of steps.

And who knows what (or rather who) you might pull after that?

Mojitos Lounge, 48 Winter Street, Downtown Crossing (617-817-2533 or mojitosboston.com).