You Do the Mack

Math was never your strong point. But that hasn’t stopped you from spending countless hours finding a new formula for flawless footwear.

With the debut of Joey McMakin’s exquisite fall collection of boots and heels, you can put that overworked genius to rest.

Pull on the Gallop boot, a walking testament to the Illinois-born, Paris-residing designer’s penchant for geometry. Strips of cognac leather accent the tall gray leather boots, which are finished with triangular resin detailing on the sides. An elegant high heel keeps things elevated.

Or exude calculated cool in the patent leather square-toe Flexo shoe comprised of lilac, gray, and light blue, supported by a delicate heel.

Style, structure, and comfort?

It’s all part of the equation.

Available at Serenella, 134 Newbury Street, Back Bay (617-262-5568 or serenella-boston.com).